Friday, June 10, 2011

Identity of a Wild Child

I really like this photo because of her energy. She looks like a little girl in an older girls body.
I like this because the peacock feather looks like it could be a part of her eye. I also really like how soft and smooth her skin and lips look.

I like this photo because it reveals her eyes but nothing else. There is a sense of mystery and savagery but her eyes tell a story.
This one is interesting and very fun. She looks like a normal girl but there is a wild side her her.
I love this photo because it seems as though she is hiding something. However, the eye is too black and could be exposed for a little less time.
8x10 swatch


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still life

I really like this photo because of the shadow being cased on the wall behind the slinky. I think it adds interest to the photo and gives it more depth.
My favorite part of this photo is the reflection of the spools of thread on the table. I don't think this photo would have been as interesting if I would have taken it on carpet or a white piece of paper. This surface in which I chose to take the photo on really made a difference.
For me, the best part of the photo are the bubbles on the stems. I think that the lighting is also done very well. It is going right in between the stems, lighting them from behind as well as illuminating the bubbles.

I like this photo because although it is a still life, I have photographed the movement of bubbles. I really like the contrast of the white bubbles and the black backdrop, it adds a sense of mystery.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Rower Natasha Fredrick warms up by urging, a machine used the simulate the natural motion of rowing a boat, before helping her team mate drop their boat into the Willamette River during their March 27th practice.
The Novice Women's team at Lake Oswego Rowing Club works together to move their boat from the boat house, to the water.
Izzy Bowman directs her team in executing a safe entry to the water. Bowman is the cox-an, the team mate who sits at the front of the boat and yells out stroke counts and keeps the team in rhythm. She is one of the most important members of the team.
Alexa English helps her team mates strap down the paddles into their 8 person boat. The 8 person boat is the most common event in regattas, rowing competitions.
The Novice Women's team pushes off from the dock and prepare to start their rowing warm up. The warm up is a very important event before competition or practice. Due to the extreme stamina and strength required to compete in rowing, strains or pulls in muscles are common.
The 8 person boat listens for their warm up set from Bowman. As a cox-an, she is also in charge in making sure everyone is warm and ready for the race.
The first 4 rowers in the 8 person boat lean forward to begin their stroke. When the paddles enter the water, it is called the catch.
The girls keep in sync by listening to their cox-an. She yells rhythm counts into a microphone so everyone in the boat, even those in the way back, can hear her counts and keep in sync with the rest of the team.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


contact sheet
5x7 swatch for 8x10
This is my 8x10. My favorite part about this photo is the water. I think that it really contrasts well with the darkness of the trees and gives the photo a sense of mystery.
I really like all of the geometric shapes and lines in this photo. However I do think it could be a little bit darker and it maybe could have used a filter.
I really like the leading line of the dock in this photograph. It takes your eye right down the center and it runs along side the reflection of the sun in the water.
My favorite thing about this photograph is the symmetry. It is very organized and the repetition of the same shape makes an interesting pattern and creates a rhythm throughout the photo.

I like this photo because although this was a landscape project, I was able to incorporate something that made the photo a lot more interesting to look at. Without the flowers hanging down in front, the landscape would be very boring and there would be nothing special within it. With the added depth the photograph has more than one component and it is now more than just a landscape.

Monday, April 11, 2011

FBLA State Confrence

Members of various FBLA chapters across the state of Oregon gather outside the Lloyd Center Ballroom as they wait for the State Business Leadership Conference to begin. (April 7th)
Students begin to fill the ballroom at the Portland Convention Center as the 2011 SBLC welcoming ceremony kicks off on April 7th.
FBLA members across the state prepare themselves to "Break Barriers", the SBLC main goal for 2011.
Oregon's FBLA state president welcomes students from more than ten different schools at the opening ceremony of the State Business Leadership Conference, he later stepped down to make way for a new state president.
Tualatin's Katie Newgard searches for her name on the competition schedule. Each student participating in the SBLC has qualified in their own event.
An FBLA advisor closes off a room as a group of students prepare to give their presentation in front of a panel of judges on April 8th.
The state finalists from the Engineering competition are announced to come on stage where their final placing will be presented.
The officers from each school's FBLA chapter gather on stage and await the state panel of judge's choice for the 2011 6A chapter of the year.
Tualatin's Katie Newgard flaunts the 6A chapter of the year trophy after they were announced the "winners" of the 2011 State Business Leadership conference. (April 9th)
Advisors Veronica Salsbury, Jim Mccaffrey, and Josh Parosa of Tualatin High School flash a smile after their chapter was named Chapter of the Year at the closing ceremony of the 2011 State Business Leadership Conference on April 9th.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Lee Larson

COME RIGHT IN Seattle's own Lee Larson invites us through her front gate, which is as quirky and fun on the outside, as she is on the inside. (March 27th)
PICTURE PERFECT Larson admires a painting at a local art gallery in downtown Georgetown. Larson enjoys being a part of and has many friends within the artist community.
STRAIGHTEN UP Lee, fixing up her own collection of portraits of her family and friends, spends her free time with her paintbrush and and pencil.
BEHAVE Although Larson does not have any children, she does have two black lab siblings, Steven and Slim, who receive a daily scolding for playing in the kitchen.
TECH WIZZ When Larson is not busy tending to her chaotic life, she makes time to help her less tech savoy family members with their electronic difficulties.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't buy me love...

This is my contact sheet for the "Word" project. When I first got this topic I immediately thought about meaningful gifts or items that I have received from people. I also thought about my cats. With animals, what you put in in what you get out. If you show your animals love and affection then that is what you will receive from them, they cannot be bought with money or gifts.
My favorite part of this photo is the lighting. When I originally took this I didn't think that the shadows would turn out this drastic but I really like it. It also shows how cute Billy is :).
I like this photo a lot because I think it shows that cats have a personality just like dogs or people. Cats are notorious for being selfish, reserved animals that don't care for their masters but this photo reveals the fun, lovable, involved characteristics of many cats.
This star lamp was given to me by my cousin, usually she spends tons of money on big expensive gifts but for Christmas this year she decided to take the simpler route. This has been my favorite present from her EVER!
I've saved every birthday card I've ever gotten. To me, looking back at cards and seeing which people loved you enough to send you one means more to be than how much someone spend on a purse you will probably never use. This is a birthday card from my 6th birthday, from my mommy :).
If I could choose my favorite thing in the world, I would choose photographs. Photographs freeze a moment in time and create and strengthen bonds between people. This photo of my brother and I has been in my room since i can remember, and it never ceases to remind me of our childhood together.